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The villa has two-bedroom and one-bedroom villas that are designed with traditional Balinese architecture with modern amenities. Each villa is equipped with a private pool, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living area, and a dining area. The villa also provides complimentary breakfast and daily housekeeping.

Nauna villa has 2 types of villas, namely One bedroom villa, and Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Hotel Nearby Attractions


Ubud is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit if you are on vacation in Bali. Ubud has many natural destinations and is well known among foreign tourists because it is located between rice fields and very green forests which makes Ubud itself a very beautiful nature. In addition, Ubud is known for its art and culture which is very rapidly developing and advanced. The people of Ubud themselves cannot be separated from the arts, in particular, there are many art galleries, as well as arenas for music and dance performances which are held alternately every night in all corners of the village by the Ubud people themselves.

Ubud is only less than 10 KM from Nauna Villa Bali, you can already enjoy the natural beauty and cultural beauty in Ubud.
Hotel Nearby Attractions

Bali zoo Park

Bali Zoo Park is the second largest zoo after Bali Safari and Marine Park, its existence is a target destination for tours on the island of the Gods, Bali, its location is on Jalan Raya Singapadu, Batuan, Sukawati, Gianyar, the location is quite close to Ubud tourism. The main attraction of the Bali Zoo itself lies in the layout and design of the park with very neat, orderly, and directed paths. With very well-organized visitor paths, visitors who are on vacation to Bali Zoo Park for the first time will not be confused at all. You will get a lot of experience if you visit Bali Zoo Park by directly feeding the animals, such as feeding deer, elephants, and birds, and watching live bird attractions. Bali Zoo Park also offers to ride elephants and be able to have breakfast with orangutans.

Bali Park Zoo is only less than 6 KM from Nauna Villa Bali and includes the Ubud area, you can already enjoy this very exciting experience with your family, even your partner, and get romantic memories if you vacation here.

Hotel Nearby Attractions

Sangeh Monkey Forest

Bali is a tourist destination that offers a variety of charms. Even though it is famous for its beautiful beach charm, Bali is not only about beaches. Bali has lots of hidden paradises that we can visit, one of which is the Sangeh Monkey Forest which is located in Jalan Brahmana, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency. A unique destination is the habitat of hundreds of long-tailed monkeys. Sangeh Monkey Forest has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 10 hectares and is known as one of the homogeneous forests. For the people of Bali, the Sangeh Monkey Forest is a popular place that is very sacred and is a habitat for the lives of hundreds of monkeys. Sangeh Monkey Forest is a Natural Tourism Park Object which is highly recommended for those of you who want to have a vacation in Bali, especially for animal lovers. You can also interact directly with the animals in the Sangeh Monkey Forest, but it's best to be careful and have to be accompanied by local guides. In addition, there are various types of flora plants, such as Sandpaper, Pule, Buni, Cempaka Kuning, Poh-poh, and many more.

Sangeh Monkey Forest can be reached in less than 30 minutes from Nauna Villa Bali and you can enjoy the beauty of the Sangeh Monkey Forest and can interact directly with the animals that live here, you can also enjoy the coolness of the Sangeh Monkey Forest